Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers on the most common questions.

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Is it free?

The service and its core functionality is free. But you can say your thank you for our work by buying us a cup of coffee or send a few dollars to us.


Your data is safe and we do not expose your data to anyone, anywehere and anyhow. All password, keys ect are encrypted.

What this service does?

The core feature is to respond to the chat messages with your own message, send notifications and updates to your email (or emails).

How does it work?

The service is bind to use LocalBitcions API. It is using our own library for connectivity and doing some stuff.


We are working on this project and adding more free features. We do not support releasing BTC and accepting payments using Localbitons API (future features) and therefore please, do not give your API keys permissions to do that.


This functionality is supplied with no warranty. We are responsible only for encrypting you data and we are not exposing it to any 3d party services.