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Custom messages to your buyers, email notifications

Easy to register, easy to setup, reliable and quick to get your notifications up and running.

check our faq

NO hidden fee, no payments required. Activate your API access in your Localbitcions account, use your keys in our application and thats all. Please check our FAQ the section about releasing BTC and accepting payments. We do not recommend to give that permissions for now as our service does not support it yet.

Easy & Secure

All your data is encrypted and stored on our server. We never share any information provided!


The bot will reply to your customers for you with your message in a particular time. You will never loose your customers and make more money.

API integration

Our Bot is working using our own library which does not exists anywhere else. Its fully integrated with Localbitcoins API and has been tested well.

Your steps

How It Works

It will take a few minutes for you to get it up and running!


Sign Up

First of all you have to register here



Add your Localbitcoins keys to the system and setup messages and notifications.



All the rest will be done by the Bot. You can stop or change anything at any time in your admin panel as well as delete your account.

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No hidden fees, the bot and its core features are free, no payments needed. You can support us by donating or buy us a coffee.

Thanks Bro!


Here is my 5 buks guys! Thanks!


It works and its free...strange...but it does what it should


Its not perfect and sometimes it take time to respond during trading. It works and Im happy. Thanks guys 1$ from me

Matt K.

Have been using it for a few months since the guys did not have website. Yeah its small and good, easy to use and easy to set up, but sometimes its not obvious what ans where to put or click.


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It will take just a few minutes for you to get the bot up and running for you. No more lost customers or good trades. No more teary eyes. Just try our service and if you like it you can say your thanks or use it for free.

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